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Hello, I'm Jessica. Thank you for being here!

I have moved around a lot in the past 10 years, between cities and countries, and for the past few I have wondered what it would mean to live fully in the present moment. Since a big move 2 years ago and a period of illness, which left me unable to walk for more than 10 minutes at a time, I have dedicated myself to discovering what living with presence truthfully means to me. It has been an illuminating, yet challenging experience which, after 6 years of practising yoga, led me to finally complete my 200hr vinyasa yoga training with the team at Yogamoves, Utrecht in 2019.


 I discovered a continued passion for intuitive learning, delving into aspects of psychology, philosophy, movement practices and breath-work. These have all become tools with which I am learning to make more space in my heart, mind and soul, and to move towards living fully in the 'flow of life'.  A phrase often used in Buddhist teachings, I have found this to encompass all that it means to live presently and with awareness, to find acceptance, and to move with, not against, the ever changing current in the river of life, without being swept away. I believe that when you can find home wherever you are, you can truly begin to instigate positive change in the world.

Those who have experienced change or disruption might relate to feelings of dislocation and separateness. Therefore, part of my most recent offering has been to give my students a sense of returning home, finding stillness, and promoting an attitude of playfulness. Coming to your yoga mat should bring with it all of the above, allowing you to settle in mindful presence, but also to have fun! Through sharing and cultivating yogic practices, I believe we can learn to live fully in the flow of life. I hope you will join me in this education!


"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning to sail my ship.' Little Women


“Jessica’s yoga classes are a perfect balance of the more meditative aspects and the more physical (strength-building) parts. Perfect for beginners and advanced people alike!”

— Evi


Now Live! - Flow Online

Movement, Meditation & Breathwork

 Anytime @ Home

When + Where

Flow Online,  Anytime


Practice yoga, breathing and meditation from the comfort of your own home with Flow Online.

What is included:

  • Pre-recorded classes for yoga, meditation and breathing exercises

  • New selection of classes added every month

  • 15minute - 1hr long classes 

  • Created to support you in your everyday

  • Flexibility to practice as and when you want

  • Supportive yoga style: modifications given for lots of poses

  • Teacher contact: comment on the videos, or email and your questions will be answered!

Meet yourself as you are with each practice.

Be with your body as it is... 


find home, within

Vinyasa Yoga


Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga combining postures and breathing. It allows for more freedom than other types of yoga as there is no set sequence. 

I often incorporate aspects of meditation, psychology and philosophy in my classes, working with a theme to generate greater subtle awareness within the class.

Multiple options are always given for poses. It is not necessary to be super flexible or strong to practice! I encourage you to take things at your own pace, to learn from your body without forcing.

My style is soft but dynamic,  bringing increased awareness, strength and flexibility to each movement. I enjoy incorporating breath work and we will always spend time resting in stillness. Relaxation is very important, after all!



Yoga is, at its core, a tool for self realisation, but you can use it however you wish!


Whether you want to improve your fitness or your mental health, yoga can provide a basis to transform both of these aspects of your life, holistically.


Stress reduction, improved strength and flexibility, are all consequences of a regular yoga practice! Whatever your reason for practising yoga, it can be a great addition to your life as it is.

I aim to provide a space, for you to meet yourself as you are. A safe, comfortable, and inclusive atmosphere where you can learn greater body awareness, tools for relaxation, and begin to understand this ancient practice.

So I extend this offer to you, I hope to meet you, in the flow of life!

Flow for Free

Here you will find a different class every month for free!


These classes are an opportunity to see if you connect with the teaching style, but also an opportunity to share free yoga, so if you know someone who would benefit from this class, please share! 

If you enjoyed the class then why not check out the online studio for more classes on yoga, meditation & breathing! 


Private lessons

Interested in a one to one lesson or a group private lesson? Want to work on something in particular, postures, breath work or meditation? Get in touch! I give lessons from my bright and airy apartment online.  Email me at contactflowoflife@gmail.com to arrange a lesson.


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